Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I've felt stuck in a strange place of not wanting to write about myself after the first issue, and instead find ways to create books and zines with images that can be read anyway the viewer wants. One side is a map and the other a landscape that moves from one coast across to the other. If it wasn't for the landmarks I feel as if I could move through the landscape and always feel as if I'm in the same place.

Monday, April 5, 2010

second issue.
a conversation between two people, in two places. one of which disappears and stops all communication.
i wanted to move away from xerox pages and start playing with printing and book forms that work with the text or imagery.
heart & arrows issues is about 5"x5"ish, silk screen and letter press
edition of 100
I was in North Carolina when I found out my boyfriend died, and as I made my way back to NY and back to Providence and back to NY for school, I felt frozen in a moment. Watching everything around me move and not sure if what I was seeing or feeling was real. The nights were the worst. So I started writing everything down to try and get it out of my head and I put together the first issue of Dirty Love.